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Intermodal transportation allows you to optimize your supply chain operations and logistics by tapping into a larger transportation network. Blk Out Logistics will utilize its extensive ship, air, and rail carrier network to speedily get your time-sensitive cargo exactly where it needs to be.


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To facilitate the quick movement of goods using multiple modes of transportation, we provide the following services to you:


Transporting your shipment with BLK Out intermodal services is convenient. Here are the top benefits of using our services:

Cost Efficiency 

We carefully monitor our carriers’ schedules to find the cheapest, readily available route to quickly get your cargo to your desired destination.


Blk Out’s intermodal transportation accommodates all sorts of cargo such as bulk goods, perishable items, oversized loads, and hazardous materials.

Lowered chances of loss or damage

During transloading, our highly-trained and experienced staff handle all goods with the utmost care to ensure that they reach you in the same condition they were in at pickup.

  • Pickup and Delivery from your location, warehouse, or distribution center.

  • COFC and TOFC Shipments including 53′ and 40′.

  • Transloading cargo from one mode of transport to another ( including special handling for fragile goods and hazardous materials according to local regulations)

  • Centralized documentation and paperwork including bills of lading, shipping manifests, and customs paperwork.

  • Insurance and Risk Management to protect cargo against damage or loss during transit.

  • Access to the entire network of railways in North America, ensuring efficient long-haul transportation over extended distances.

  • Cross-National Freight Logistics between Canada and the United States.

excellence in logistics

We coordinate our resources and networks to ensure the smooth and timely delivery of your products.

A Competent Team

A Competent Team

Every member of Blk Out Logistics is required to train on the ground floor with our asset-based company to cultivate account managers that actually understand freight, see freight, and appreciate it. These aren’t faceless transactions, these are relationships we have the honor of serving on behalf of our customers, and that’s hammered into our culture from day one.