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Blk Out Logistics offers flatbed transportation services for shipments that may not require the enclosure of a dry van, may not fit within a standard trailer, or can’t be loaded or unloaded from a dock. Our versatile flatbed services will accommodate oversized and irregularly shaped items with ease.


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Discover our top-tier transportation and logistics solutions, offering reliable flatbed shipping procurement and scheduling services tailored to the shipper’s needs.


Flatbed transportation is a valuable option for industries such as construction, manufacturing, agriculture, automotive, and others that regularly deal with large or unusual cargo. It provides the flexibility and cost efficiency needed to effectively transport challenging loads.

Easy Loading

Getting your shipment on our flatbed carriers is a simple exercise. The large and flat surface makes it easy to roll in your cargo and arrange it neatly. Also, we can load from the sides. Unloading at your destination is equally hassle-free. 


Because of their open and flat decks without walls, flatbeds are highly versatile for accommodating oversized items with irregular shapes and sizes. 

Large Inventory Capacity

The large and flat bed of flatbed trucks provides a large amount of storage space for your freight needs. This also reduces costs for you considering that you’ll need minimal trips for your cargo.

  • Standard Flatbed Transport: If you’re transporting general cargo, machinery, equipment, or materials that can be loaded and secured on a flat, open deck, you will need this basic service from us.

  • Securement Services: We make use of straps, chains, binders, tarps, and other securing methods to ensure safe transport on our flatbed carriers.

  • Liftgate Services: Our liftgate-equipped flatbed trailers come with hydraulic liftgates for the loading and unloading of heavy or bulky items, making it easier to handle your cargo.

  • Tarping and Weather Protection: For goods that need to remain dry and clean, we’ll offer tarping services to protect them from dust and debris during transit.

excellence in logistics

We coordinate our resources and networks to ensure the smooth and timely delivery of your products.

A Competent Team

A Competent Team

Every member of Blk Out Logistics is required to train on the ground floor with our asset-based company to cultivate account managers that actually understand freight, see freight, and appreciate it. These aren’t faceless transactions, these are relationships we have the honor of serving on behalf of our customers, and that’s hammered into our culture from day one.